Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey Peeps

Hey Creatiff Ones,

This weekend was really busy. I co-hosted my monthly relationship forum. Lots of fun, crazy fun crowd as usual. Oh, also, I cut my hair-my real hair. For the purpose of expressing myself creatiffly, I love wearing weaves and wigs, I love, love them but I wanted to cut my hair into a style, and the short hair wigs just looked too "wiggy" to wear, so I decided to let go of my connection to "hair" and I told my sister (my hairstylist) to just cut and she did. I got used to it. I like it.

I attended church and heard an amazing message from the guest minister, his name is Bishop Brister out of New Orleans (google him). He spoke about Humility and Serving. Great message. I'm headed to Denver (for the DNC) and to New York for the Holiday weekend so my blogs will be delayed, so I wanted to at least post one for this week. Keep me and my traveling buddies in your thoughts as we've never been to Denver and I'm hearing the protesters are off the chain. I'm planning to do some video blogging from there so stay tuned for some possible updates from my Creatiff perspective.

Tiffany's Revelation Regarding Her Feet-LOL

Ok, I just want to share information on something I recently discovered about myself. For quite a few years I was under the impression that I had really nice feet. I mean, I love getting pedicures and trying out new polish colors to expose what I thought were cute feet in my flip flops. Well, a few weeks ago, I attended a car show and I spotted a car that was painted an orange color- similar to my toes. I decided to take a photo of my feet- (stop laughing Marcus-stop it)so I approached the car, and insert my feet into the photo to create what I thought would be an amazing effect-my toes, and the car matching. Well, honeychil', I snapped the photo with my 7.2 megapixel camera and all I can say is I wished that I had a 1.2 megapixel camera. I was like, "wait a dag on minute." Who's feet are in this photo? Not Ti Ti's. Oh no! (Marcus stop it-lol) Marcus is my boy, well former boy because he was laughing hysterically after I showed him the photo. Has anyone ever taken a photo of their feet, ladies? I don't know what to do with myself right now. I mean, I'm the Co-Chair of the Women Who Rock Flip Flops Society and I love flip flops and open toe shoes. I will wear flip flops to church. The megapixels on my camera showed my feet in a different perspective. I have NO photos of the feet.

Excuse the typos, if any. I'm in a rush and just wanted to make sure I did a blog posting before I left for my trips.

Enjoy the holiday weekend

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