Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LL Cool J- feat. Ladies That Love Him

LL & Tiff after his Yahoo Nissan Live Sets performance

LL, being attentive to the lady
Signing autographs. He actually requested a sharpie so he could sign his autograph for a fan. See, the little things. How cool.
These young ladies, recent high school graduates were excited to photograph with LL.
LL, leaves the scene.

Ok, so as I was snaping these photos of the work of art, the blessing to a woman's eyes, God's gift to the ladies and Simone's man, LL Cool J. I didn't realize in all the photos I took, there was a female in them. We really love him, huh? The above photos were taken after LL's taping of Yahoo Music's Nissan Live Sets web show. To help assist in the area of keeping thoughts pure, my friend Lashan, who attended the taping with me, suggested we refer to him as "Simone's Man". So every now and then I will insert that reminder, "Simone's Man".

Moving on, I know it's customary for many hip hop artists to "hate" on one another, but I am seriously suggesting that artists, especially new one's, study this man. Whenever the opportunity is available, observe him on or off the stage; he knows how to connect with people and leave lasting impressions.

His Def Jam project, Exit 13, which features the single, "Baby" w/ The Dream is available in-stores and online on September 9th. In the meantime, his first ever mixtape cd, produced by DJ Kay Slay, The Return of the G.O.A.T. is in the streets and it's lyrically impressive; and fellas, there's only one love song on the mixtape. :)

Special Thanks to LL crew member, Brian Daughtry for making it possible for me to take the photos, and for always looking out regarding "all things "Cool J.

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Anonymous said...

you know im jealous i wasnt in the house would love to see LL anyday.