Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Tidbits-Sad, Happy & Good Music

The Happy Stuff

My boy/road dawg Marcus invited me as his guest to the FunkMaster Flex Car Show in Anaheim, CA. I'd never attended a car show competition, so I didn't know what to expect. I'm happy I was in the house. I didn't know building and designing cars was such the hobby it is. I had a great experience.

In other news, gas was down about .7 cents this weekend. Still $4 dollars, but atleast going in the down direction.

Sad Stuff

My weekend was also filled with extreme emotion. The passing of Bernie Mac just made me so sad. I'd heard a rumor last week and dimissed it, and to learn he would pass away a week later really bothered my soul. After catching an episode of his show on Saturday, ironically entitled, "Going Home", I started to smile because I realized he left us with lots of fun moments. "I'm gonna beat you until the white meat show"....LOL. Classic. Thanks Uncle Bernie!

Ok, here go my emotions again. So I get the bad news call while at the car show that Isaac Hayes passed away. We immediately check our email devices for confirmation and sure enough Wikipedia is confirming the update.

Two men who contributed greatly to the entertainment landscape. Thank you and God Bless!

I heard a great song this weekend:

Mary Mary-Get Up! This song right here is so uplifting. The beat is unique and hot. I wanted to jump out of the car at a light and just rock out. Although this song should get airplay on mainstream radio-and clubs, the message of the song is the stand out. "Get Up" will be my "rise and shine, have a great day song". Check out their Myspace to hear the song.

Stay beautiful, people!


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