Monday, August 4, 2008

Eric Roberson - Get You Some ERRO

Check out Eric in video form for his single, "Pen Just Cries Away" from his....LEFT cd. His pen cries, wow! How awesome. So, I guess he's saying, "baby, I was trying to write a song about you- I was emotional, so instead of tearing up, I allowed the ink from my pen to do the crying".

That's my definition of creative expression, saying I love you in a different way. :)

If you like it, tell someone else about ERRO.

One of the many highlights during Eric's show is when he freestyles, r&b style. He takes one word subjects from random audience members, puts them together and formulates what could actually serve as a hot song for his cd. The subjects shouted to Eric during his show this past weekend were, Nikes, HU (he's a Howard University Alumni),Obama, Inglewood, and sucking toes(that's 2 words, but he did it). I swear, he made the most beautiful song with those words. Above is video sample of a similar freestyle performance of Eric on the Michael Baisden show.

Eric's Myspace

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